About Us

Sedriks Education Services Limited is a renowned educational consultancy service firm, established and duly registered in 20xx with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria to render a wide range of educational services that exposes the Nigerian school children, teachers, parents and educational institutions to the current global standard and best practices in education for a secured future.

At Sedriks Education Services Limited, we understand the times we live in, that is why we can never over emphasize the importance of education. We assist Nigerian school children, school teachers and institutional clients to play a role in creating a level playing field where they can favourably compete with their international counterpart without any disparity.

Our Philosophy:

At Sedriks Education Services Limited, we are of the view  that education requires immense  approach that ensures that, school owners, teachers and parents  in Nigeria are in tune with current global realities and technologies in the method of imparting knowledge that bridges the current gaps between a Nigerian child and international contemporary.  We believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutions.

Our Vision

To become the best Educational Consultancy Service firm in Nigeria by providing qualitative information on global educational best practices.

Our Mission

To ensure that the educational disparity between Nigerian and their international contemporary is bridged by providing information that exposes them to quality global educational standards. 

Our Objectives

1. To provide quality information and counseling service to prospective applicants.

2. To ensure that information about foreign educational institutions is readily available to Nigerian school children and educational          institutions.

3. To ensure that the Nigerian School teacher is in tune with global educational best practices.

4. To train parents and teachers on what it takes to better position their wards/pupils to be able to compete on global platforms.