Educational Tours

We developed the educational travel and tours program to expose pupils/students, school owners, teachers and parents on current universal educational system, bearing in mind the benefits of globalization which brings the world together.

Conferences & Fairs

We organize both national and international educational conferences at different times of the year to create a platform for educational stakeholders to come together to discuss burning knowledge based national and international contemporary issues in education.

International Admissions

With our experience and expertise we assist students who intend to pursue a university degrees abroad to find the right university in a transparent and less complex application process. We select academic institutions and programs based on the specific needs and priorities of each student.

Testimonials from Clients


Educational Facilitator, Port-Harcourt

"The originators / developers of this conference (Sedriks) and those who have diligently packaged it deserve a great commendation. There are all sorts of conferences and all sorts of ideas but this is both practical and innovative."


Central Emirate International School, Abuja

"We need more people to be exposed and privileged to have this experience by attending subsequent conferences. More schools owners, teachers and parents should be involved, a lot still needs to be done and I believe this country will be better for it."