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Sedriks ESL is a quintessential Education Consulting and Hoslistic School Development Organisation with the track record of successful and impactful symposia, tours and trainings  organized locally and internationally.
At Sedriks, we are of the view that education requires immense approach that ensures that, school owners, teachers and parents in Nigeria are in tune with current global realities and technologies in the method of imparting knowledge that bridges the current gaps between a Nigerian child and international contemporary. We believe in providing professional services to students, parents and our institutions. 

Why Choose Us


Our Vision

To produce seasoned, articulate, well grounded and technically skilled education managers, heads of institutions and administrators who are to work towards ensuring quality, relevance and efficient educational delivery in order to gain global recognition.


What we do

▪ We create opportunities that help bring professional together
▪ We foster the development of understanding between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences.
▪ Organize conferences locally and internationally to train the educators, administrators, school owners.


Our Programs

▪ Study Abroad (University Placement)
▪ International education development seminars.
▪ Educational travels and tours
▪ Professional training programs
▪ Administrative support for exchange programs (For Startups).
▪ We organize Best Teacher Awards in Nigeria and nominate such for the Sunny Varkey Global Teachers’ Prize.
Organizes workshops on career development and skills acquisition for optimal performance and capacity development.

Upcoming Events


Int'l Education Conference for Sch. Leaders & Parents

Date: 16th Sept - 27th 2019 Bangalore - India


School Leaders
Study Tour

Date: 25th Oct - 7th Nov 2019
Beijing - China


International Edtech conference &
Study Tour

Date: 10th Feb- 23rd 2020 Finland


Feedback comments from our past participants

The originators/developers of this conference and those who have diligently packaged it deserve a great commendation. There are all sorts of conferences and all sorts of ideas but this is both practical and innovative.

We had lots of fun, will go on another trip organised by this company.

The program was in focus and met the desired objectives even though there may be room for improvement. It also created hunger in the minds of participants to be dynamic in line with global trends.


3rd Floor,
Abuja Enterprise Agency,
Jahi, Abuja,


Email: info@sedriks.edu.ng
Phone: +234-811-139-1920